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Wednesday ~ July 14, 2010

Activity I: Wordle Yourself

What is Wordle?
Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. (Source: http://www.wordle.net)

-More about wonderful ways to use Wordle: Jennifer Wagner's "Guess the Wordle" - http://jenuinetech.com/GTW/

Try it! What are 25 words that describe you?
-Using MS Word compile a list of 25 words that describe you. (Be sure to include your first name in your list of words)
-Use the tilde (~) between words you want together (ex. I~love~dogs)
-Copy and paste your list into Wordle at http://www.wordle.net
-Use the Wordle features to re-arrange your text, change the font and colors...be creative!
-To create a screen-shot of your worlde you can use Jing Project

Other word cloud sites (using shapes)
-Image Chef

Activity 2: Tools for Collaboration

A. What's your story?....Collaborative Storytelling with Storybird (http://www.storybird.com)

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

-Everyone has a story to tell!...Use storybird to create and share information about yourself.
-Give your story an interesting title
-Use storybird to choose illustrations and graphics from the gallery.
-Use the storybird feature to share your story and/or invite collaborators
-Need ideas? View the featured storybirds here: http://storybird.com/books/

Stories to share:

B. FREE - Interactive Collaborative Whiteboard--Scriblink (up to 5 users can participate)

Check out the Whiteboard created for today's session:

-Use scriblink to create your own collaborative whiteboard.
-Select a topic of your choice to include in your whiteboard (e.g. Math Word Problem of the Day, Correct the words that have been spelled incorrectly, Define the order of operations for Mathematics)
-Invite 3 other individuals from this session to your collaborative whiteboard.
-Share your ideas and whiteboard with the whole group.

C. Social Networking for Education
Twiducate: www.twiducate.com
-View an example from CSS 4th grade students (Twiducating about the NC Outer Banks)
-Create your Twiducate account.
-You can also create login accounts for your students
-Ideas for using Twiducate in the classroom?

D. Collaborate and Brainstorm with Bubbl.us

What is Bubbl.us?

Bubbl.us is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online. (Source: http://www.bubbl.us)

This is a Bubbl.us that I created entitled "All About Me". There are three main topics about myself that I included which were Personal Background Information, Educational Background, Hobbies and Interests. Create your own "All About Me" brainstorming bubble. You may use the same three main topics shown in the example below or create your own.


1. Sign-in and create your own **Bubbl.us** account

2. Save your Brainstorming Bubble as "All About Me first and last initial) and create an image like the one shown above in .jpg format.

3. Use Bubbl.us to brainstorm about how to use this application with your students this year.

--A novel or book you plan to read with your class.
--An objective from the NCSCOS for your grade level and/or subject.

4. Bubbl.us for collaboration (See example from my account)
Select someone in this training session and add them to your collaboration group. Question: How would you use this collaboration tool with your students and/or colleagues. With your collaboration partner create a brainstorming bubble of your ideas.

Day 1 Reflections :)

Teacher Academy 2010 on Storybird

To Ashley and Wandra Reflections for learning new Technology on Storybird

*If you have one, bring digital camera and cord/card reader for Thursday projects*

Thursday ~ July 15, 2010

Activity I: My Avatar Editor

-NC Places Voicethread classroom sample
-Tammy Worcester Tip of the Week - My Avatar Editor
-Our County Pics blog

-See also Voki- animated avatar, can record voice to go with it

Activity II: Glogster!

-Tech Savvy Girls Camp samples
-Example of a Glog
-1st grade class glogster on a wiki
-third grade animal glogsters
-Butler Tech glogster tips, tutorials and classroom uses
-Traci Blazosky Glogster wiki
-Glogsters Greetings From the World

-Before creating your virtual poster, map out what information you want to share about your topic.

-Try to include at least five things about your topic when you create your poster.

Activity III: Big Huge Labs

-Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge - Big Huge Labs ideas
-Weekday Webinars - Big Huge Lab ideas
-Instructional Strategies and Technologies - Big Huge Lab ideas

Similar, FREE and also cool: Picnik - digital image editor

Activity IV: Flipcams and Movie Maker movie.JPG

-Movie Maker Basics
-Movie Maker Creating Your Video

Activity V: Voicethread

-Thunderbolt Blog samples

Other FREE things to poke around and explore:

Onetruemedia - online multimedia slide show, can use video and/or still images

Slideshare - upload PowerPoint presentations to share on the web

Vocaroo - record audio files to share on the web

Issuu - upload pdf, Word, etc files and create an electronic book to share

Skype - download the program, sign up, and use a microphone and webcam to talk over the Internet

Tammy Worcester's Tips and Favorite FREE Web Tools -amazing and updated regularly!

Animoto - online multimedia slide show, images

Wallwisher - online collaborative bulletin boardwhere participants post sticky notes

Zamzar - convert You Tube videos to be able to use in the classroom

Delicious - social bookmarking
Canvastic - Online Drawing Tool
Kizoa - Flash Slideshow Maker
Getting Tricky With Wikis- Wiki Tips and Tricks
Jigzone - online puzzles and can make an account and have our own photos made into online puzzles


Our County Pics blog
Pics 4 Learning
Eduscapes Teacher Tap (Open Source Images and Media)
Free Midi Files