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Grab your passport and head to England!

Opening Activity: Wild Self Activity

Camp Fire

Activity 1: England WebQuest englandwebquest.rtf

    • Once this activity has been completed, please turn in to one of your camp leaders. If you take your time and find the correct answers, you will be able to win a prize!

Activity 2: 2012 Games

Beach Ball Activity


Activity 3

Nutrition Video

***Look at examples of different types of Glogsters.

~ Before creating your virtual poster, figure out what message you want to share with people at home or school.
~ Remember, you want to encourage them to lead healthier and hopefully longer lives!

First, get your white log-in card from one of your teachers.

Now, go to Glogster and create a virtual poster, encouraging kids at your school to have healthier lives.

***Don't forget to save your Glogster every few minutes. We don't want you to lose any information!

Free Photo Resources to use while creating your Glogster:
free food clipart and pictures
food pictures
food clipart
food pyramid pictures

Once you finish your Glogster, send a message to one of your friends in our class. (Make sure that your message is positive.) Next, send a message to your teacher on Glogster with one thing you learned today about England or Nutrition.

Fun and Games

The Game Closet
London Activities
Healthy Meal Builder
Eat well, be well
Smart Mouth
Food Pyramid Game

New Zealand Introduction