Things to do:
  1. Order t-shirts
  2. Make/Print Fliers
  3. Make/print Applications
  4. Connect-Ed Call
  5. Convince everyone to work for free -
  6. Food -
  7. Drinks -
  8. general snacks -

Stick with Global Issues

Twiducate – Instead of blogging – Social networking site for Education

Google Voice Chat – Can use instead of Skyping

THEME: Grab Your Passport! Meet Your Global Neighbor
(create a stamp for every day of the "journey")

Day 1: Haiti (Wandra) – Disaster Relief
Activity: Make Your Passport / Emergency Response Game
Day 2: China (Melissa) – Endangered Animals
Activity: Makeshift Sumo Game (look into that) (intertubes around waste)
Day 3: Colombia (Erin) – Rainforest
Day 4: (Rachel) – Looking Into and will let us know (UK London 2012)
Day 5: New Zealand (Ashley) - Poor Knights Island (marine reserve, best dive site in the world according to Jacques Cousteau), Rotorua (geothermals)
Activity: Tacky Tourist Game
Skype ==> 8:00 am=midnight

EVERYDAY: Tie in local and bring it home!

*Jobs – What they produce, why, natural resources
*Educational System