Grab your passport and head to Haiti!

Check out our Haiti PSA's!!

Disaster Relief: Help Haiti

Scenario: You've been asked to travel to Haiti to help with the disaster relief efforts. In preparation for your travels there are several things you will need to do:
  • Do a little research about Haiti
  • Obtain a Passport
  • Book your flight
  • Prepare and produce a PSA (Public Service Announcement) soliciting the help of others in your community.

Activity 1: Introductions
2 Minute Paper Bag Speech
The "Paper Bag" Speech (A getting to know you activity)
Materials Needed:
Paper Bags
Markers/Crayons/Color Pencils
Construction Paper
Various paper bag items: such as rubber bands, fuzzy balls, paper clips, magazine picture clippings, die cuts of various shapes,

Activity 2: Introductory Video and Quick Facts Poof Book

CNN Student News:"Haiti Earthquake"

Use Google Earth to find Haiti!
Haiti Before and After KMZ file

View Haiti Before and After the massive earthquake.

Quick Facts:
Prepare a "Pocket-Size" Fact Book Using this Template

Use these Web Resources to complete the facts for your book:
CIA World Factbook "Haiti" -
UNICEF in Haiti:
CSS Hearts and Hands for Haiti:

Activity 3: Passports and Plane Tickets
Get your picture taken: My Avatar Editor:
Get your passport: "Make Your Own Passport" - In addition to Haiti, you will be traveling several places this week, and will need a passport as you explore many parts of the world! -
Book your flight: "Get Your Plane Ticket" -

Activity 4: PSA Announcement (Keep it short and sweet :) ~ No more than 1 minute)
~Work in teams or groups to prepare your announcement
~Choose your method of delivery from the options below
~Produce and publish your PSA.
PSA Announcement for Haiti and Disaster Relief Options: Digital Video, Voicethread, or Podcast
Materials Needed: 2 Digital Camcorders, will set up a section of one of the rooms as a recording studio, microphones, Audacity Software, Voicethread, Index Cards, Pencils, Poster Board (will use to write PSA for groups choosing to do a video for announcer(s) to read)

PSA from First Lady Michelle Obama for Haiti Relief

Fun and Games:
FEMA for Kids "Earthquakes" -
FEMA Ready Kids "Pack it up" -
FEMA Ready Kids "Hidden Treasures" -
FEMA Ready Kids "Talk it Out" - How would you prepare for an emergency? -
Mr. Nussabaum - (Interactive Maps and Games)