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Grab your passport and head to New Zealand!

Activity 1: Skype with a New Zealander (Rangi McKee)
When it is 8:00 on Friday morning for us, it is midnight going into Saturday for New Zealanders. Mrs. McKee has stayed up LATE just to talk with us!
Ask questions and learn more about this country.

Meet your global neighbors
Scenario: You've will learn about the this land "down under"! In preparation for your travels there are several things you will need to do:
  • Skype with a New Zealander - bring coffee, it is the middle of the night for her!
  • Stamp your Passport
  • Book your flight
  • Research one feature about New Zealand
  • Prepare and produce a paper video about your topic

Activity 2: Google Earth Tour of New Zealand
Use this awesome FREE tool to check out the world. Download at:

Activity 3: Tacky Tourist Relay
How fast can you get tacky and get your glamor shot? Your picture will be in our photo album!

Activity 4: SNACK!
Try some kiwi???

Activity 5: Short research on your topic

Activity 6: Create and share your paper video

Activity 7: Wordle
Make a list of at least 25 words from your week at GADGET Camp in Word. Copy those words and paste them into the Wordle website. Use the Randomize button to make the Wordle as you like it!

Activity 8: Create

Fun stuff when you are done: