Tuesday August 4, 8:00-1:00

8:00 AM Welcome/Sign-in

Activity One: Create your Mii:

Here are some of our Miis

wandra.pngashleymii.jpg charles_mii.jpg

Click here to create yours!
Download Word Template for Mii Nametags external image msword.png miis_template.doc

Save your Mii to our account.


Password: teacher

Activity Two: PhotoStory

What is Digital Storytelling and why use it?
Digital storytelling uses digital tools such as images, video, audio, animation, music and/or text to tell a story.
The Competitive Voice - why use digital storytelling

Fun at the Park
Thank you Grandma
Human ABCs

Download Microsoft Photostory 3 for FREE here
Windows Tutorial
Jake's Photostory Tutorials

PhotoStory in the Classroom
external image msword.pngUses for Photo Story.doc
21st Century Teaching
PhotoStory 3 in the Classroom

Create your own PhotoStory
Use at least 5 pictures to tell a digital story.
Include a title slide and a credits slide.
Use recorded voice, music, text, movement and transitions.

Use this page here to draw out your ideas.

Jake's Blank Color Slides
external image msword.pngHow to Make A Power Point Slide Into A Picture File.doc
Create a Story from a Single Picture with Photostory
Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3 for Windows
Lenoir County Image Blog- images of Lenoir County

Share time...
Brainstorm ideas for the classroom...

Activity Three: Google Earth

Download Google Earth - FREE!
What is Google Earth and why use it in the classroom?
Google Earth is a map of the earth put together by satellite photos of the world. It is a map on steroids!

Google Earth Users Guide
Google Earth Product Tour

Google Earth in the Classroom
Google Earth for Educators
Google for Educators
Using Google Earth in K-12 Classrooms
Google Earth in the Classroom
Teaching Area and Perimeter with GE
Google Earth Lessons
Teaching Hacks
Google Earth Blog
Real World Math
Explore Your Earth
Google Earth Is Our Paper

Google Earth Tours
Google Earth Gallery
Google Lit Trips
Volcanoes of the world
Banks Elementary School Google Earth Files

Search for your own KMZ or KML files using Google or your favorite search engine. Save the best ones to share with other participants.

3D Warehouse
Google Earth Community

Create Your Own Google Earth Tour choosing at least 3 placemarks from the following:
1. your current address
2. your school
3. your favorite place to eat, etc. in the area
4. your birthplace
5. your favorite vacation spot
6. other places that are important to you
Use vocaroo to put audio into your pushpin!

Share time...
Brainstorm ideas for the classroom...

Google Sky
Google Sky KML Gallery
Tutorial Video

For Fun
Google Hacks - interesting things people have found on GE

1:00 - Dismiss

Wednesday August 5, 8:00-1:00

8:00 AM Welcome/Sign-in

Activity One: Wordle

What is Wordle?
Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. (Source:
To create a screen-shot of your worlde you can use Jing Project

1. As an introductory activity, create a wordle using a list of at least 25 words to describe yourself. Remember to begin your list with your first name. (Important: Wordle does not save your list of words, I would suggest you type your list in MS Word and then paste them into your Wordle List)

How can I use this in the Classroom?

Using Wordle in the Classroom

We Are Thankful Wordles - first grade
Guess The Wordle

Gettysburg Address Wordle

2. As you prepare to begin a new school year, think of ways you can use Wordle with your students. Working with a partner or on your own, Use wordle to list or describe activities you could do with your class. Save your wordle to Be prepared to share your ideas :)

Activity Two: Brainstorming with

What is is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online. (Source:

This is a that I created entitled "All About Me". There are three main topics about myself that I included which were Personal Background Information, Educational Background, Hobbies and Interests. Create your own "All About Me" brainstorming bubble. You may use the same three main topics shown in the example below or create your own.


1. Sign-in and create your own **** account

2. Save your Brainstorming Bubble as "All About Me first and last initial) and create an image like the one shown above in .jpg format. Upload your image to

3. Use to brainstorm about how to use this application with your students this year. Remember to save your image and upload it to For example:

--A novel or book you plan to read with your class.
--An objective from the NCSCOS for your grade level and/or subject.
Be prepared to share.

4. for collaboration (See example from my account)

Select someone in this training session and add them to your collaboration group. Question: How would you use this collaboration tool with your students and/or colleagues. With your collaboration partner create a brainstorming bubble of your ideas. Be prepared to share.

Activity Three: Online File Sharing and Other Stuff!!!!

1. Go to to create your own account. Create your own folders and upload your files from today's and yesterday's session.

What is Slidshare?

2. Go to to create your own account. Create an "All About Me" Power Point and include the following items:

Slide One: Title Slide (include Name, Date, Grade Level you teach, and Your School)--include digital photo of yourself. Photos can be accessed from the account we've used for this session.
Slide Two: Education
Slide Three: Personal Interests
Slide Four: Favorite Movie
Slide Five: Favorite Book
Slide Six: Reflection: What I've enjoyed most about this technology training and how will I use the tools we've learned about today with my students?
Upload your power point to your slideshare account. Be prepared to share :)

3. Go to and create a voice thread account. Create a voice thread using images from today and yesterday.
4. Go to and create a wiki space account. We will use this site to create a webfolio of your work throughout the training.
5. Go to and create an account and search for videos that will compliment a lesson you plan to teach.
6. Go to and create an account and search for videos that will compliment a lesson you plan to teach.

12:45 - 1:00: Exit Survey

Exit Survey