Global Warming

Opening Activity: Choose five different colored strips of paper from the baskets in the front of the lab. On each strip of paper, write one thing that you are good at and do well. Once you have one talent on each strip of paper, create a mini chain. (Use tape in the front of the lab to link your strips of paper together.) Place your chain next to your computer until it is needed. Once you have connected your five pieces of paper to create a mini-chain, you may work on any of the web-sites listed at the bottom of the page.

Camp Fire

Question of the Day:

What is global warming? What can we do to help prevent it? What is your definition of Global Warming?

As a group, take the "Global Warming Quiz" to check basic understanding of the causes of global warming. Global Warming Quiz

Then, on the front white board create a Circle Map to share and discuss what you already know about Global Warming. Discuss items on the list and then watch the following videos:

Global Warming Video #1

Global Warming Video #2

Group Research Project- Global Warming

Below are potential dangers of global warming.

  • Deforestation
  • Greenhouse Gases/ Carbon Footprints
  • Climate Change

You and your group need to choose one of the potential dangers listed above. Once you have agreed upon a topic to research, use the power of the Internet for advanced exploration. Work with your team mates not only to answer simple questions about global warming but also to come up with an action plan for the future!

This is what you should be thinking about while doing your research: How is Global Warming affecting our world as a whole? What changes can we expect to see in the future?

You will use the links provided as well as other resources to become experts on global warming. You and your partner will work together to create a Power Point presentation. Please work in groups of two or three students!

Each presentation must include the following:

SLIDE #1- A heading in the center of your slide stating what topic your group researched.
SLIDE #2- A list of all of your group members names.
SLIDE #3- Create your own definition of the danger that you are researching and post it on this slide.
SLIDE #4- What causes this danger?
SLIDE #5- What affect does this danger have on our planet?
SLIDE #6 - List interesting facts you have learned about your topic.
SLIDE #7- What can we do to stop this danger? What can we do to help fight Global Warming?
SLIDE #8- Show one or two pictures relating to your topic.

Once your presentation is done, add effects to it during your spare time before snack and decide which members of your team will present your presentation!

Instructors, help students save presentations onto www.box.net under mlynch@lenoir.k12.nc.us

Deforestation Links-

Greenhouse Gases/ Carbon Footprint Links-

Climate Change Links-

Google for Kids

Picture Links:

M&M Activity (small group)

Have students in each lab sit in a circle facing each other. Then allow students to choose 1-5 M&M's from the M&M bag. (They can not eat their M&M's!) Instructors start... go by the M&M guide to share information about yourselves with the rest of the group!


Group Research Project Continued...

Share research projects!

Final Activity

Your final task today is to create a postcard or comic strip that demonstrates what you have learned today. The purpose of the postcard or comic strip is to teach people what can be done locally to prevent global warming.

Comic Strip-
Comic Strip Creator

Post Card-
Create your own post card in Publisher on your computer.

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