Opening Activity:

Create Mii - Create your own Nintendo Mii Characters!

Activity One : GADGET Getting to Know You!

Create a Wordle using at least 35 words to describe you! We will use these to introduce ourselves.

Here is an example: Wordle: Untitled

Questions of the Day: What is pollution? What does it mean to reduce, reuse, and recycle? What can I do to help keep our Earth clean and healthy?

Advocacy and Informational Videos:

Click Here to watch a video about garbage and recycling!

Activity Two: Recycle Bin Decorating Contest

  • Students will work together to decorate art paper to use as a wrap for their "recycling bin".
  • One room will make a bin for aluminum cans and One room will make a bin for Plastic.

Visit Eekoworld EekoExchange and let your voice be heard! Choose a topic, read what others are doing, and tell what YOU plan to do!

Activity Three: Intro to Geocaching Activity:

Watch the video first! "Geocaching - Treasure Hunt"

Today you will discover facts surrounding the amount of time it takes for everyday objects to decompose in nature. As you make your discoveries take a moment to reflect on the question of the day. You will "Blog A Bit" at the end of today's camp session.

Geocaching Notes Page

Timeline of Decompostion:

  • With your group, sort your colored paper slips in order from the shortest amount of time to decompose to the longest amount of time to decompose.
  • Make a large timeline in each computer lab to display for the week.

Activity Four: Introduction of a Wiki

1. Discuss:
  • What is a wiki [defined]
  • How can it impact you
2. Show Video (www.commoncraft.com)

3. Visit ABC Wiki and navigate through the Hawaii and Lenoir County Wikis as examples.

4. ABC Wiki of Pollution

5. If you finish early, visit EekoHouse to play a game and learn how you can help.

Activity Five: Race to Recycle Relay

We will separate into 4 or 5 teams and play a relay game to determine where everyday items end up!

Games and Fun Links:

EekoCreature - Build your own animal and face challenges from nature.
Recycle Roundup - National Geographic for Kids
The Adventures of Herman the Worm
Pacific Trash Vortex - Watch this video to learn more about all the plastic and trash in our oceans!
Earth 911 - Look-up recycling centers near you!
Junk Music - Learn about making musical instruments from junk!