Things I would like to do:

  • Mii avatars for name tags?
  • Flipcams - Student documentary, movie, commentary, etc
  • claymation
  • skype - maybe with another camp or school??
  • - Stop Action Video
  • Skype – Hook up with expert
  • Blog
  • Voicethread – a real one – collaborative – possibly a final produc
  • flipcams – real videos
  • Geocaching
  • google earth tour – mark where endangered animals are and deforestation areas
  • responsible web browsing and image sources
  • big – posters
  • videoing and podcasting – youtube advocacy video
  • set up with email accounts and email your senator/ governor, etc
  • Write or podcast for principal or Dr. Cline about recycling.
  • Get to know you activity
  • Relay Race – water on head to fill up container

Video: What about something like this?

Dear Mr. President
With today's struggling economies and natural resource questions, the government needs your help. President Obama has named you as his chief student adviser. What issue would you like him to address in the near future? Why? What should he consider?

Things we need:

  • Order t-shirts
  • Make/Print Fliers
  • Make/print Applications
  • Connect-Ed Call
  • Convince everyone to work for free - yeah right, Charles!
  • Food
  • Drinks

Planning Notes:

Planning Notes 6-1-09

Topics or Themes:

Camp Theme:
Global – Animals – People =
(All week long focus on how to get involved and what you can do…we are showing them avenues for interests … and ways to get involved.)

EVERYDAY: “What are other people doing? What can you do?

1. Talk about Issue
2. Identify Issue
3. What other children are doing with the issue
4. What can you do with the issue?


Question of the Day -
Theme - Environmental Issues (recycling, pollution)
Person - Melissa
• Sign In, Badges
• Campfire –


Question of the Day -
Theme - Environmental Issues ( global warning, deforestation)
Person - Rachel
• Campfire –


Question of the Day -
Theme - Endangered Animals
Person - Ashley
• Campfire


Question of the Day -
Theme - Hunger/Poverty
Person - Erin
• Campfire


Question of the Day
( claymation, bring it home, advocacy)
• campfire

Advocacy – give examples of how kids their age are involved and what we do