Opening Activity:

Guess your peeps! Use wordles to learn more about your counelors.

Activity One: All About Me Wordle

  • Create an all about me wordle
  • Be sure to use at least 35 words to describe yourself.
  • Example Wordle: Untitled

Activity Two: Introduction to Careers Geo Cache:

During a geocaching activity you will work with a team to find clues about a certain career. Your clues will contain a web address you can go to in order to reveal and research your career. Your team will describe the career to our camp team.

Activity Three: Paws In Job Land:

Follow the link below to access a personality quiz that will help you choose careers that fit you! Explore the different careers and use the note taking guide below to take notes for later use!
Paws in Job Land

Activity Four: Skype with Dr. Cline, Superintendent Lenoir County Schools - 11:00am

Brainstorming Questions. Today you will have the chance to talk with Dr. Cline (Superintendent of Lenoir County Public Schools) about his educational journey and how he feels about higher education. We need a list of questions that we will ask him.